If you have tile in your home, sooner or later you will have to deal with loose or cracked tiles. They can be caused by any number of random household accidents, like dropping heavy items or gradual wear and tear. Luckily, the solution is fast and affordable.

The Laminate Factory provides quality tile repair and replacement at low prices in Altamonte Springs. You can have broken and loose tiles removed or repaired quickly. We also find close or exact matches for your tile when you need to replace a whole section of the floor. This makes it easy to make areas of the home that look worn out new again.

Broken tiles can be a real nuisance. For one, you could find yourself cutting your feet on sharp edges. This is a huge problem in homes with children or pets that can easily hurt themselves. Another concern is bacteria or mold collecting under the loose tiles.

This can cause sickness around the home, ranging from trouble breathing to headaches and chronic illness. It is best to handle misplaced tiles as soon as you see them to avoid troubles down the road.

Tiles are known for being relatively durable. However, accidents will happen. You might have dropped a heavy piece of furniture on a weakened corner. It may be that the tile was broken before it was installed and degraded further over time. It could also be that it was not properly installed and came loose. These are all easy fixes and will not take too much time for our handy experts to fix.

How Can We Fix Your Floors?

Fixing broken tiles can be quick and easy for a trained professional. Luckily, our specialists are insured and licensed to work with a variety of flooring, including tile. First, we find a close or exact match to the tiles that you already have. You don’t want to have one tile that sticks out like a sore thumb after replacement! If you only need a crack repaired, we can fill it in carefully. The result is a smooth, blemish-free floor surface that looks practically new. Guests visiting your home will never be able to spot where the broken tiles were. You might even find yourself forgetting where they were soon enough! That is the professional touch that we bring to every flooring job that we take.

There are some other benefits to choosing our service. For example, we provide free and thorough inspection of your tile floors before and after repairs and replacements. This is meant to make sure that your home is getting custom treatment that is based on the age and condition of your flooring. You also have the chance to get an estimate before any work is done so that you can work out a payment plan. Our prices are affordable so that even budgeting homeowners can afford to fix their tiles.

What Causes Broken Tiles?

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