Colors are everywhere in your day to day life. The red at a stoplight, the green of grass, and the blue of the sky all affect how we feel and how we react to our surroundings. Colors used in home design can also have special effects. They can affect everything from the temperature that you feel to your moods. Effects of colors can include:

  •  Raising or lowering room temperature. “Warm” colors tend to make people who see them feel more heat. This can include red, yellow, gold, and orange. Likewise, “cool” colors make rooms feel less heat. Colors like blue and purple have a cooling effect on rooms and can be used in areas that get more sunlight. Using different shades to change the way a room’s temperature feels can help you save money on cranking up the A/C or heater. Use warm colors in cold spots of the house and cool colors in areas that get a lot of sunlight exposure.
  • Hide imperfections. Have you noticed that a wall of your home is yellow from cigarette smoke? Or have you seen rust stains on the side of your house caused by the well-water in your sprinkler system? A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference. Painting over little flaws like marker drawings, water marks, and smoke stains can make cleaning up the look of your home easy.
  • Change the way a room looks. You can “change” the size of a room just by painting the walls a different color. White makes rooms look larger and brighter, which can really open up small spaces. A large empty room can be cozier with warm, darker colors. Painting can also be a way to tie together a design. Make one wall a different color to make a statement or pull colors out of art and furniture to unify your design.

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​Ways to Use Painting

An old home can look new again with the right color of paint. It is best to get professional service to see the best results for the interior and exterior of your home. The service doesn’t need to be expensive, either.

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