Flooring Removal Service

The Laminate Factory of Altamonte Springs is providing a premier professional flooring removal service for commercial and residential projects.

Our specialized floor removal equipment reduces the time of floor covering removal and floor preparation time by 90%. We also provide dust containment for occupied commercial buildings and residential spaces. When we are through, we can haul the debris away and clean the site.

After your initial free estimate, we will go over the specifications of the projects and determine how much time the removal will take and give you the cost per square foot.


Flooring removal Services has the equipment and experience to offer our customers a safe clean removal of ceramic floor tiles, hardwood removal, VCT removal, carpet removal, coatings removal and floor grinding. We own the “best state of the art removal machines”; this, with our years of experience, means a fast and professional job every time. We use the only electric powered equipment. Gas and propane emit dangerous carbon monoxide that can cause poisoning hazards.

Before Service / After Service

*Upon completion site will be immaculate along with clear of debris *